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Selfjsh: Self-sufficiency in the expedition vehicle

Long-term independence with aentron energy solution

SELFjSH – Harald Neswitz – management trainer and expert on movement –  supports his customers in project planning, control and implementation of heart projects. The aim is, among other things, to create individual expedition vehicles -> 5 tons. By converting the first truck himself, Harald Neswitz has a well-rehearsed network of professionals for various areas of such a project, as a coach with the opportunity to bring this into customer projects in a targeted manner – a heart project on wheels!

With the lithium-ion energy storage from aentron, the expedition truck has a powerful energy supply – even for longer off Grid times. Thanks to the robust metal housing, the 10kWh module can also be installed upright, so that the available space in the rear is optimally used. Thanks to aentron’s own BMS and the existing interface to the PV system, all electrical devices in the truck can be operated independently; the interface to the Mastervolt inverter used can also be charged via the vehicle’s alternator. Optimal for guaranteeing the energy supply!

"aentron gave me an excellent support in activating and assembling all components. It was a pleasure to see the vigor and passion with everyone involved was supporting. Even if there were questions about understanding during operation, an answer came immediately from the company headquarters.
I was currently able to test the battery capacity in autumn and winter weather. Despite the continuous operation of the auxiliary heating, the electric cooking and the charging of various consumers, I was able to stand independently for a week. "

Harald Neswitz, Managing Director, Selfjsh

Technical Data

The system contains a 24V 10 kWh lithium-ion energy storage devices with a total capacity of 406 Ah. The total weight of the battery system is only 120 kg.

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