About aentron

About aentron

About us

The aentron GmbH, founded in Gilching near Munich, is a provider of high-quality lithium-ion batteries for industrial applications. The aentron energy storage solutions are developed and produced in Germany and are characterized by their robust design, scalability, modularity and safety. Furthermore, due to the modular design concept, battery voltages from 12 V to 900 V are possible allowing a wide range of applications. In E-Industry as driverless transport systems, autonomous logistics systems, robotics. In E-Maritime – from electric boats to commercial shipping and passenger ships. In E-Mobility as LEV and commercial vehicles. In E-Building off-grid home and commercial storage solutions, and emergency power supply (UPS) applications.



Reliability and quality is the base for confident mode of operation with our customers. For this we work hard every day to provide an Energy Solutions from aentron which our customers can count on – every day.


Our products and processes are designed to enable open and flexible solutions which can be integrated into the customer system easily. This includes a future proofed design and development culture which support innovation and social responsibility.


To stay on top of the market requirements, we work closely with our customers in an outcome-oriented way. We support our customers on the development journey from the idea and the development up to the final integration.


Security is an important base for a trustworthy partnership and the realisation of efficient energy solutions. aentron provides with the modular and scalable battery system a stable and secure base for individual energy solutions.

Innovative Technology –
Made in Germany

We are ideally positioned for the future at our new headquarters. With our qualified service technicians we provide technical support throughout Germany throughout the entire product life cycle.


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Development, Production

Headquarter Albstadt

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