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PEFRA: Electric vehicles for load operation: Durable and reliable

Custom-made tunnel vehicle

As a specialist in electrically powered vehicles, PEFRA AG offers reliable and durable vehicles with powerful drive technology. Suitable for the transport of large loads with precision, they are ideally suited for use in closed halls and in tunnel construction due to the emission reduction through electrification. 

Developing special vehicles for special customer requirements is one of PEFRA AG’s core competencies.

aentron equips a custom-made electric vehicle for PEFRA AG – flexible use in tunnel construction with particularly powerful lithium-ion batteries. The batteries enable a reduction in noise level and CO2 emissions. Thanks to the robust metal housing and dust and water protection according to IP66, the batteries from aentron offer this AGV the reliability and robustness of energy supply even under difficult operating conditions. And this without emissions and noise.

Flexible use in tunnel construction with particularly powerful lithium-ion batteries

Technical Data

The system contains 2 kWh lithium-ion energy storage devices with a total energy of 30 kWh and capacity of 400Ah. The total weight of the battery system is 310 kg.

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