First full electric passenger ship with aentron battery technology

Berlin receives its first commercial solar electric passenger vessel: on June 11th 2020 the “SunCat 120”, owned by Berlins SolarCircleLine was launched in Berlin Osthafen on the river Spree. The aluminium Catameran equipped with an onboard solar array combined with the innovative energy storage technology of aentron. The battery system is scaled to allow operation for the whole day without the need for land charging.

The dual energy system uses a 550 Vdc drive-train and 48 Vdc hotel battery storage systems based on the aentron 10 kWh modules managed by the aentron energy controller. This enables redundant operation. aentron modules are distinct for their durability, projected long operational lifetime ensured by means of an optimized battery architecture. The batteries are compatible with both a solar charging interface and grid charger system.