aentron part of the Wirtschatfspreis final

For more than 13 years the  association for economic tourism and development in Starnberg awards the regional “Wirtschatfspreis”.

Successful start-ups are awarded, with innovations in the area sustainability or best training center – the award is allocated under alternating themes every year and is presented to the company, having the greatest success in thier area. This year’s award ran under the theme “Most innovative Start-ups”.

The battery systems of aentron fulfill all the requirements for innovation, sustainability and growth with a excellent reputation in the growing future business of energy storage. For new energy solutions as well as industry, mobility and PV energy business, where a new generation of safe and powerful energy storage is required.

aentron faced up against 9 other companies from the Starnberg area, who were nominated as finalists for the “Most innovative Start-up” award. At the award ceremony in the townhall of Gilching, the county commissioner of the district of Starnberg, Karl Roth honored the finalists. “Start-Up companies as both visionaries and pioneers. With their forward-thinking technologies and innovations, they play a major role in the development of the Starnberg-Ammersee region”, announced Roth on the occasion of the award ceremony.

“We are very happy, that we made it into the finals of the “Wirtschaftspreis”, said Dr. John de Roche, founder and managing director of aentron. “Because already the nomination for the award honors the aentrons team hard work and dedication in the past few years. In a very short period of time aentron as a developer of high-tech battery systems went from a start-up to a small business of over 20 employees.”

aentron focused on the development and the production of energy storage for maritime, industrial, e-mobility and ON-/OFF-Grid solutions. The company develops and manufactures modern, scalable, robust and safe HV & LV Li-Ion-battery systems, Made in Germany.